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7th September
The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Bespoke Software Up-to-Date 

Insights from  In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, keeping your bespoke PHP-based software up to date is not just a necessity; it's a strategic imperative. As technology continues to advance and security threats become more sophisticated, maintaining your software's security and performance is crucial., a leading software developer, understands the significance of staying […]

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8th August
Unleashing the Power of APIs: Elevating Software Development with echoDevelopment

Welcome to {echo}Development, where innovation meets excellence in software development. In this digital age, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) have become the driving force behind seamless communication and integration between software systems. At {echo}Development, we understand the transformative potential of APIs and their importance in shaping the future of software development. Join us on this exciting […]

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7th July
Embracing AI-Powered Software Development

Embracing AI-Powered Software Development Unlocking the Potential for Efficient Problem Solving At, we are passionate about exploring and harnessing the incredible potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in software development. We eagerly anticipate further advancements in this field, envisioning a future where AI-enabled applications revolutionize problem-solving, making our lives easier and more efficient than ever […]

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12th June
Benefits of Bespoke Software

Bespoke software development has become increasingly popular over the years as businesses realize the advantages of tailored software solutions that meet their unique needs. At, we are committed to delivering custom software development services that are designed to address specific business requirements and provide a competitive edge to our clients. In this blog post, […]

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3rd April
SQL Injection Attacks

At, we take security seriously, and we understand the importance of protecting our clients' applications from vulnerabilities like SQL injection. Our team of developers follow best practices to ensure that all applications are properly secured, including implementing measures to prevent SQL injection attacks. We use techniques like parameterized queries to ensure that user input […]

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5th February
MFA & Why It's Important

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is a security measure that requires users to provide two or more forms of identification before accessing a system or application. MFA is becoming increasingly important as cyber threats continue to evolve and become more sophisticated. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of MFA and why it is a […]

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12th December
Process Mapping & Why It's Important

Process mapping, is a planning and management process that shows and describes a workflow. It shows a series of events that create an end product. That end product can be a physical item or a piece of software, or even your organisational chart. They can be know by different titles like, flowchart, process flowchart, functional […]

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1st November
SaaS - Is it the right choice for you?

SaaS: Software as a Service Over recent years there has been a movement to pay monthly, or subscription models for most things. IT support and cyber security, TV services at home and more have moved to this as vehicles did many years ago. Microsoft pioneered this for software with Microsoft 365. Your software is kept […]

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17th October
PHP is NOT dying!

Our main programming language is PHP. And there has been a rise in the number of different languages around. Others have become more popular, such as Python, as they are easy to pick up and deploy. But that said, over three quarters of all web systems are powered by PHP! PHP is a backend programming […]

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12th September
This is WHY you need a Password Manager!

Let's start with what a password manager is. It is a service, mainly online that can store all of your
passwords and valuable data (such as card details)

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"Don't Work Harder, Work Smarter". This is our core belief and we've made it our mission to develop bespoke, cost effective business operational systems for our clients that dramatically reduce unnecessary workload. Read more
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