Stephen Russell

The History of Russell IT

Russell IT Solutions Ltd started almost a decade ago when our MD Stephen, was made redundant from his family's ISO Consultancy Business. Even though Stephen can fix computers, manage servers and occasionally sort out printer issues, his passion has always been coding. Especially building systems that make businesses more efficient and compliant.

When creating the business, the name Russell IT Solutions was chosen, businesses that had used our skills knew who we were and what we did, so it made sense. However, as we have spread our wings and grown, some potential clients, and those around us have noticed the similarity to IT support and IT managed Service providers. We needed to separate ourselves. So the only thing to change is the name.

The Future with {echo}Development

What does the name mean? That’s easy!

A command that outputs the strings that are passed to it as arguments. It is a command available in various operating system shells and typically used in shell scripts and batch files to output status text to the screen or a computer file, or as a source part of a pipeline.

That’s the technical explanation which means lots to us. But think of it as a command that allows a message to be repeated on screen. It is like printing in code, when saying hello world we actually write echo 'Hello World';

Development is about delivering a proper product and maintaining it.

Development encompasses the processes of creating a complete package to the pleasure and satisfaction of end users. This feeds directly in to what drives us.

Why the Rebrand?

The font is indicative of what we see when are developing systems. It provides clarity in viewing unlike some other texts. Having the connection to the code also shows more of what we do.

The {Braces} are used to allow the code know that it is a action that needs to be executed (similar to a 'do' command - maybe Stephens Wife needs to use these braces when asking for the rubbish to be taken out!)

If you have ever mistakenly opened the code in Chrome, you may have seen it this colourful. The blue and red we are using is what we use in Visual Studio Code (VSC).

The red is also a great reminder of the legacy we leave and means the colours in the new office don’t need to change. Even the RAM in Stephens PC are red!

The highlights are symbolic of the highlighting in code that is used for finding repeated elements. We are human and mistakes happen. Finding an error using highlights means we can solve issues quickly, as highlighting a variable will highlight it everywhere else on the page.

What's Next?

Rebranding was not an easy decision, but we embrace change. Being in Development means we are always maintaining systems and making improvements. We can offer new and improve solutions to our clients, finding new ways to do things. But after nearly a decade we need to make sure people understood what it is we do. We don’t fix PCs when they are slow (we have a partner for that), we don’t build websites (we have partners for that). What we do, is write business systems that make our clients lives easier while protecting our clients from Cyber Crime.

The final things to change are our telephone number, which we have made generic. As our clients know we can operate with clients across the globe, so being tied to a location doesn’t make sense. Then there is the change of email address/domain, which just fits the name.

We would love to know your thoughts. Follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook, and leave us a message to say how great this all looks.

Got questions about what we do? Then get in touch now.

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Mission Statement

"Don't Work Harder, Work Smarter". This is our core belief and we've made it our mission to develop bespoke, cost effective business operational systems for our clients that dramatically reduce unnecessary workload. Read more
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